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BrowZing Photo Shoot with Yanneek Brinson

Posted by Lena Lashes on

        Lena Lashes With Yanneek Brinson

Photographer: Breonna Collier

Months ago, we partnered with, our talented friend and makeup-artist, Yanneek Brinson (@yaneekbrinson_) to create a series of clean editorial beauty looks for the launch of our Browzing Eyebrow Gels. 

Our model for the shoot was Maria Alexia (@_mariakills). 

Her face was the perfect canvas upon which we could beautifully showcase our Browzing Eyebrow Gels. 

So here are all the product details.

For her brows, Yanneek used our Browzing Eyebrow Gels in the shades #Noir and #Sepia. Using 2 shades of eyebrow gels will help you to create an ombre eyebrow effect. 

For her lipstick, Yanneek used our Baby Matte liquid lipstick in the shade shade Mild Brown. Mild Brown is a beautiful universal nude that flatters all complexions.

For her lashes, Yanneek used our Ashanti Lashes from our newest mink collection. The Ashanti lashes are full and comprised of clusters. They are just so pretty.

And for her highlight, Yanneek used the shades Lemonade and Pool Party from our beloved Lemonade Highlighter Palette.


We hope that you enjoy this look. 

Make sure to tag us and to share your looks with us every time you use our products.

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