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This section contains all the mink strip lashes sold by Lena Lashes.

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  • Cynthia lashes  criss cross
    Cynthia $22.00

  • Desi
    Desi $20.00

  • Diana lashes criss cross
    Diana $20.00

  • Dolapo lashes  criss cross
    Dolapo $20.00

  • Drea Lashes Criss Cross Picture
    Drea $20.00

  • Elle lashes worn by Taren
    Elle $20.00

  • Lena Lashes Erica criss cross
    Erica $20.00

  • Lena Lashes Fanta Lashes Criss Cross
    Fanta $20.00

  • Lena Lashes Folake Mink Lashes Criss Cross
    Folake $20.00

  • Gisele lashes by Taren
    Gisele $20.00

  • Grace lashes worn by Taren
    Grace $20.00

  • Heidi lashes worn by Taren
    Heidi $20.00

  • Iman lashes worn by Taren
    Iman $20.00

  • Lena Lashes Inu Lashes crown
    INU $20.00

  • Lena Lashes Isoken Lashes Criss Cross
    ISOKEN $20.00

  • Jordyn Lashes Front View
    Jordyn $25.00

  • Julisa
    Julisa $20.00

  • Kandi Lashes by Lena Lashes Criss Cross View One Pair
    Kandi $25.00

  • Keke Lashes by Lena Lashes One pair front view
    KEKE $20.00

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